Skylar, Discord: skylar3077

Pacific Time, 21+


Artist Credit: Maiko

Aliases: Sky, Vivatune, Solaris

⇝ Who am I? ⇜
I'm Skylar! Mathematics major and gamer, primarily PC. Perpetually collecting, overthinking, and overanalyzing everything.
✔ likes ✔
Dragons, Pokémon, Puzzle Games, Rock n' Roll Music, Classical Music, Pets of All Kinds, Math, Rhythm and Puzzle Games, Cold Weather
✘ dislikes ✘
Social Media, Politics, Arguments, Rap, Toxicity, Hot Weather
✯ favorites ✯
Primarina, Flygon, Dragons Kingdoms of Amalur, Tetris, Deemo, Bon Jovi, Most Music

While I do have social media accounts, I do not use them, other than Discord. Do not ask what they are because I won't respond on any of them.

I'm usually open to chatting, but I do sometimes want some time to myself. Respect my privacy, and I'll do the same for you.